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As our lives increasingly get more digital, our ways of connecting to people have to adapt, as well. With a free, personal consultant landing page – a kind of digital “business card” – we expand your consultation work in a whole new dimension, the internet. This landing page makes it easy for you to inform your social network contacts about your work as part of our Health Alliance.

Those of your friends and acquaintances, who are interested, are automatically linked to your consultant number with a simple registration. If this contact then decides to order, e.g. on our web shop, your commission will automatically be credited to you – without you having to do anything else. It is really easy and effective.

Open your own, personalized landing page now

And that's how easy you can join us

The consultant landing page is a free quote. Prerequisite is only the completion and signing of a form that we have made available for you to download (PDF - 1,05 MB).

Please send the completed and signed form to our fax number 0031 - 457 111 119 or scanned or photographed to our e-mail address

As a consultant, you can have your own digital presence in the internet that you can share with anyone, anywhere and you can do it without being a technical expert. Just sign up for it, provide us with an inviting photo from yourself and you are on! Your consultant landing page will be hosted for free on our own Dr. Rath Health Programs’ web shop, a trusted and secured spot in the World Wide Web. It will feature your individual contact information and your image. We will host all customer data, along with your already established protégés. You do not have to worry about GDPR and we guarantee to guard your information as we do with our own.

Any potential customer who registers an account via your consultant landing page, will automatically be linked to you. We know who initiated this new contact and we will reward you with the same percentage of the sales as if the order was placed by mail or by phone after a physical meeting.

Use your personal landing page to draw attention to yourself!

You can share the link to your consultant landing page on Facebook or any other kind of social network. It can be shared in WhatsApp groups or direct messages, with any other Messenger application, or the link could be placed as a QR-link on a business card – so that you can use it as a follow-up after an initial meeting with a potential customer. The possibilities are endless!

You do not need to invent anything! We will place the content on all consultant landing pages, for each of our consultants. We want everyone to have the same chance at the start: the same landing page and no need for advanced IT knowledge. What is different is your individual information (email address, telephone number, name, and photo)! Every consultant will have the same tool at hand.

Benefit from this automated system

After you received your notification about the new prospect, you can start the conversation by using the information in your email. All contact details are at hand and you know exactly how to contact your potential client.

Your new prospect receives a confirmation, too. In this confirmation, your contact details are given, so that in case of any question, it is easy to get to you.

In your personal meetings or in an email or phone exchange, you can point to recommended products on the web shop and the prospect can buy them directly using the already established customer account.

No need to worry about pointing at your consultant ID during a sign up process anymore! This has already happened on your consultant landing page. Your work is easy: just give the link to your landing page to your friends, let them sign-up and they will be linked automatically!

You can explain the concept of consultancy later, after you build up some trust and confidence and you can use the consultant landing page as an incentive to turn the new customer into a consultant as well! This will increase your income from this customer into the next level.

Imagine how much you can benefit from this new system!
 If you have questions, feel free to contact us at any time.