Synergy formulas

The products resulting from our scientific research into combinations of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, plant extracts, and other biologically active micronutrients. One feature of these products is the scientifically backed composition of the ingredients that mutually reinforce each other’s efficacy. Through this synergy effect, your body's cells will be optimally supplied.
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Vitacor Plus
Item No. 0001
The basic formula for daily food supplementation is now even better.
€ 54,90 Order
Item No. 0002
Blood formation and immune system
€ 36,90 Order
Item No. 0004
Blood vessels and connective tissue
€ 43,90 Order
Item No. 0005
Blood vessels and muscle function (incl. smooth muscle cells)
€ 43,90 Order
Item No. 0006
Homocysteine and energy metabolism (incl. fat)
€ 38,90 Order
Item No. 0007
Sugar metabolism and cell protection
€ 43,90 Order
Item No. 0008
Bioenergy and performance
€ 43,90 Order
Item No. 0016
For women to support hormonal balance
€ 31,90 Order
Item No. 0027
Preservation and function of bones
€ 37,90 Order
Item No. 017
Metabolism of nutrients
€ 24,90 Order
Phytobiologicals - Basic Formula
Item No. 018
Phyto Basic Formula with biologically active plant extracts
€ 39,90 Order
Item No. 019
Support of normal cell growth.
€ 49,90 Order
Dr. Rath PhytoPro M
Item No. 026
With biologically active plant substances
€ 43,90 Order
Vitacor Plus "Drink"
Item No. 033
The proven basic formula as a powdered drink mix
€ 65,90 Order
Phytobiologicals - Royal Complex
Item No. 035
With biologically active plant substances and royal jelly
€ 43,90 Order
Probiotics - Basic Formula
Item No. 036
For an extra supply of lactic acid bacteria
€ 32,90 € 16,45 Order
Phytobiologicals - Balance Control
Item No. 037
Fibre formula: Rich in beta-glucans
€ 39,90 Order
Immun Complex Plus
Item No. 045
With micronutrients to support the immune system and cell protection
€ 36,90 € 29,50 Order
Item No. 047
Eyes and eyesight
€ 28,90 Order
Item No. 048
Contains a scientifically developed and tested combination of vitamin C, black tea extract and other natural plant substances that enable your cells to optimally respond to various challenges.
€ 37,90 € 30,30 Order
Item No. 049
Supports the gray cells with ginseng extract and other cellular nutrients.
€ 34,90 Order
Basic Combination
Item No. 10001
€ 94,80 € 84,90 Order