Save with a subscription: Receive Vitacor Plus monthly at a significantly reduced price!

It's easy to save money when you get the rhythm right! To significantly lower your monthly cost for Vitacor Plus™, simply opt for a convenient, affordable, and flexible 4-month subscription. After that, just relax and let us handle everything.

Our trial subscription is the solution. Try our four-month subscription and enjoy significant savings without a long-term commitment. You'll also save on monthly delivery charges. We streamline the cost of processing and delivering orders and pass 100% of these savings on to you. If you're happy, your subscription will automatically renew and you can save even more with an annual subscription.

Here's a practical example: If you take the recommended dosage of 3 capsules a day, a pack of Vitacor Plus™ will last you one month, costing €60.80* per month including shipping. With a subscription, we cover the shipping costs. Without the €5.90 delivery charge, your monthly cost drops to €54.90, which is well under €60. This adds up to a saving of €70.80 per year, which is equivalent to a 10% discount. What's more, opting for a two-month delivery period reduces the carbon footprint.

Best of all, at the end of your subscription year, you only pay half price for your sixth delivery, as your products are sent every two months, and you get a whole month's worth of products for free! Pro tip: the more products you subscribe to, the more you save!

You can customise your subscription products by calling us on 0808 - 1 011 555 (free from a UK landline).

You can also subscribe using our order form. Simply select the subscription option instead of 'single purchase', complete the form and send it to us. Please note that subscriptions cannot be ordered through our web shop.