Men & Women

While all people shine with equal brightness, men and women have different health requirements. Although all cells require the same basic supply of cellular nutrients, upon closer examination, there are some intriguing differences.

Women need certain micronutrients like inositol, monk's pepper, and clover to maintain hormonal balance. Men should focus on prostate health when considering their micronutrient intake. Natural extracts from pumpkin seeds, nettle root, saw palmetto, and genistein can be beneficial.

Women are advised to actively promote and sustain healthy bone density by including specific essential cellular nutrients in their diet. Optimal levels of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D are essential for this purpose.

Isn't it remarkable how gender can influence our health?
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Blood formation and immune system
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For an increased supply of vitamin C
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For women to support hormonal balance
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Preservation and function of bones
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Dr. Rath PhytoPro M™
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With biologically active plant substances
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Dr. Rath Vitamin D3™ + K2 vegan
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The vegan complex with vitamin D3 + K2
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