Patented formulas

The American Patent and Trademark Office has officially recognized micronutrient combinations developed at our research institute. This is the first time that the biological effects of specific cellular nutrient formulations on the cellular systems of the human body have been officially acknowledged. For the respective patents to be granted, it was necessary to prove the effectiveness of each ingredient of these combinations by means of a careful scientific investigation. The recognition of our research by this American government agency has implications for the entire field of scientifically based natural therapies.
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Item No. 048
Contains a scientifically developed and tested combination of vitamin C, black tea extract and other natural plant substances that enable your cells to optimally respond to various challenges.
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Item No. 049
Supports the gray cells with ginseng extract and other cellular nutrients.
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Item No. 0005
Blood vessels and muscle function (incl. smooth muscle cells)
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Phytobiologicals - Royal Complex
Item No. 035
With biologically active plant substances and royal jelly
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Item No. 0027
Preservation and function of bones
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Item No. 047
Eyes and eyesight
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Immun Complex Plus
Item No. 045
With micronutrients to support the immune system and cell protection
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Item No. 0016
For women to support hormonal balance
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Item No. 019
Support of normal cell growth.
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Item No. 0007
Sugar metabolism and cell protection
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