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Our formulas can be combined in optimal synergy. What are your individual needs?
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Unique Products

Our products are based on extensive research, which forms the basis for their composition and quality.
This research has many effects and benefits, including:

Increased Energy

Our body cells function better and are more efficiently supplied with energy when we produce more ATP molecules, which are used for bioenergy.

Increased Energy

Improved Stability

Increased production of collagen and other connective tissue molecules – the condition for improved stability of our body tissues.

Improved Stability

Cell Protection

Improved scavenging of harmful free radicals – for better antioxidant cell protection.

Cell Protection

Research Is Our Strength

Scientific Tests

We subject our health products to extensive scientific testing before offering them to you.


Dr. Rath Research Institute

We have our own research facility, the Dr. Rath Research Institute for Cellular Medicine.

Research Institute

Quality Products

We can vouch for the quality and claims of our health products.

Quality Products

Own Research

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Our goal is to reorient a 'repair'-focused medicine towards preventive healthcare. Our scientific discoveries and more than two decades of defending the 'right to natural health' have given us a new mission: to build a new healthcare system with the help of as many people as possible. Purchasing reliable health products is only the first step. We invite you to share this knowledge and work with us towards this goal.