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If our scientifically tested, quality products have convinced you, we would like to invite you to learn more about us.

As you may already know, we work under the auspices of a foundation. This means that all our company’s profits are reinvested in further essential research and health education.

The overriding goal of our work is health prevention. A strong immune system, which is particularly important at times like these, is just one example of the many benefits we offer. Understanding and communicating this to other people requires a sound and easily comprehensible health education.


Registering as a consultant in the Partner Program of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance is free of charge and does not involve any special requirements. The collection of your data is necessary for the payment of fees and to provide you with supporting information.

The application to participate in the Partner Program of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance is available at


  • Unique quality products: Our products are a clear statement of our commitment to health. Numerous scientific tests and impressive experience reports, which we have collected over 20 years, document the high quality and effectiveness of our health products.

  • Unique educational modules: With our information and education offers you can qualify as a Cellular Medicine Consultant with a Diploma. In addition to professional expertise, we attach great importance to personal contact and communication. Our basic course offers an introduction to Cellular Medicine here:

  • Unique support: We provide consultants in the Dr. Rath Health Alliance with numerous materials to inspire others. This includes, for example, your own landing page as well as presentations and brochures for download. We would also be delighted to put you in contact with experienced consultants in your area.
For questions and further information, please contact us at