Optimal Prevention

It's never too early to start taking care of your health with micronutrients. It's often only when we start to feel unwell that we realise how important these tiny but powerful cellular nutrients are. But why leave it to the last minute?

It's good to have a steady supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help us stay healthy and avoid illness. If you give your body what it needs from the start, you’ll have more energy and feel better in the long run.

The best way to avoid problems is to take action quickly. For instance, early, targeted care of our eyes can help to prevent rapid deterioration. Or the loss of minerals from the bones, which in the worst case can lead to osteoporosis, can be reduced with good prevention. Despite being invisible, inflammation, which may be triggered by stress, can be mitigated and its effects can be prevented.

It's commonly agreed that health is the most important thing. Implementing a thoughtful prevention strategy is the most effective way to demonstrate your commitment. Take care of yourself!
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Vitacor Plus™
Item No. 0001
The basic formula for daily food supplementation is now even better.
€ 54,90 Order
Item No. 0002
Blood formation and immune system
€ 36,90 Order
Item No. 0016
For women to support hormonal balance
€ 31,90 Order
Item No. 0027
Preservation and function of bones
€ 37,90 Order
Item No. 019
Support of normal cell growth.
€ 49,90 Order
Dr. Rath ImmunComplex Plus
Item No. 045
With micronutrients to support the immune system and cell protection
€ 36,90 € 18,45 Order
Item No. 047
Eyes and eyesight
€ 28,90 Order
Item No. 048
Contains a scientifically developed and tested combination of vitamin C, black tea extract and other natural plant substances that enable your cells to optimally respond to various challenges.
€ 37,90 € 30,30 Order
Item No. 049
Supports the gray cells with ginseng extract and other cellular nutrients.
€ 34,90 Order