We've all experienced it—stress, tension, imbalance—those moments that disrupt our day and hinder our focus. But there's no need to let them overpower you. Why not harness the power of nature to help you feel better?

B vitamins can work wonders! They significantly influence our nervous system, enhancing our well-being and sharpening our focus. Additionally, supplementing your diet with coenzyme Q10, vital for energy production in our mitochondria, not only provides a much-needed energy boost to our cells but also shields them from stress-induced damage.

In times of stress, OPC and vitamin C play a crucial role. They counteract the damaging effects of stress-induced free radicals. Magnesium promotes relaxation and, when combined with arginine, B vitamins and grape seed extract, provides comprehensive support for our nervous system to help us get through the day more efficiently and calmly. It also has a remarkable relaxing effect on smooth muscle cells.

Natural plant substances have surprising powers. Ginseng is said to affect intelligence, awareness and emotions. Similarly, rose hips, bacopa monnieri, oat straw and rose root all have their advocates for improving concentration.

Treat your body to these natural aids and feel the difference that more energy, better mood and improved concentration will make to your life!
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Item No. 0005
Blood vessels and muscle function (incl. smooth muscle cells)
€ 43,90 Order
Dr. Rath Vitamin B Complex™
Item No. 0024
For an extra supply of B vitamins
€ 29,90 Order
Dr. Rath Q10 Complex™
Item No. 025
With the body‘s own energy source coenzyme Q10
€ 32,90 Order
Dr. Rath OPC™
Item No. 031
Secondary plant substances extracted from grape seeds
€ 32,90 Order
Dr. Rath Magnesium Complex™
Item No. 034
For an additional supply of organically bound magnesium
€ 18,90 Order
Dr. Rath VCP™
Item No. 038
Vitamin C in its fat-soluble form as ascorbyl palmitate
€ 24,90 € 12,45 Order
Item No. 049
Supports the gray cells with ginseng extract and other cellular nutrients.
€ 34,90 Order