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In contrast to many other companies which use cheap synthetic vitamins, our products contain valuable natural substances. Our products are free from artificial colourings and flavourings, trans-fatty acids, gluten, yeast, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Forms of Vitamin C

Calcium and magnesium ascorbate are buffered forms of vitamin C. The combining of ascorbic acid molecules with the minerals calcium and magnesium neutralizes the acidic effect of the ascorbic acid. As a result, these forms of vitamin C are gentle on the stomach even in large quantities. Using these combinations, calcium and magnesium ascorbate are easily absorbed and metabolized by the cells. Ascorbyl palmitate is a compound of an ascorbic acid molecule and a fatty acid molecule (palmitate). This renders the normally water-soluble vitamin C fat-soluble and, as a result, it is used particularly efficiently by the cellular metabolism, especially to protect cell membranes.

L- and D-forms of Amino Acids

In amino acids we distinguish between L- and D-forms. Our nutritional supplements contain amino acids in the L-form. Only natural amino acids come in this L-configuration, which can be more readily used by the body to produce the body’s own proteins. As in the case of laevorotatory D-lactic acid and dextrorotatory L-lactic acid, the D-amino acids are only broken down and made available to the body very slowly.

Mixed Carotenoids

The carotenoid group includes dozens of kinds of carotenoids which are found widely in the flora. Many of these carotenoids have already been researched to discover their value to human health. Probably the best-known of them is beta-carotene, often also known as provitamin A due to its effects being similar to vitamin A. Several other carotenoids (alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin) also play a major role in the human body. Carotenoids perform their protective function most effectively when working together as mixed carotenoids.

Mixed Tocopherols

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with high oxidative protection potential for our body’s cells. It is frequently found in nutritional supplements in its natural form of d-alpha tocopherol. However, vitamin E is more than just alpha tocopherol. In fact, vitamin E is a generic term for a variety of naturally-occurring vitamin E compounds. Particularly valuable tocopherols for human beings are the natural vitamin E compounds alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocopherol, all of which are contained in Vitacor Plus™. The superiority of these mixed tocopherols has been clearly proven in scientific studies.
To enable faster absorption and thus optimize the bioavailability of the cellular nutrients, our minerals and trace elements are organically bonded with the amino acids glycine or methionine. This suppresses antagonistic effects between individual cellular nutrients.
Additives are necessary in order to manufacture the tablets and capsules. We strive to reduce these to an absolute minimum and to guarantee their natural origin. They include, for instance, the fillers which hold the tablets together and protect the vitamins and other ingredients. The materials used for coating tablets are also classified as additives, and are used to protect the tablets and ensure they last longer.

When selecting and using these additives, most manufacturers choose the cheapest substances, which are as a rule, of synthetic origin. In contrast, we aim at using additives of natural origin. The main additives in our products are:


Riboflavin is the scientific name for vitamin B2. This vitamin is widely used for the tablet coating which protects the tablets. Riboflavin has an intense yellow color which is reflected in the appearance of the tablets.

Calcium Carbonate

This is the scientific name for lime, which derives, among other things, from the shells of crustaceans. In other words, it is a substance to be found everywhere in the natural world. Calcium carbonate is chiefly used to shape tablets and as part of the coating.


Maltodextrin is a blend of two sugar molecules, maltose and dextrose. It is a natural filler used chiefly to protect sensitive ingredients such as vitamins and other micronutrients.


Hypromellose is a derivative of cellulose, a fibrous substance which is the principal constituent of all plants. However, unlike cellulose, hypromellose has the advantage of being water-soluble. It forms the main constituent of the capsules used, for instance, in EpiQuercican ™ and Lensivit™. Another cellulose derivative is croscarmellose.

Medium-chain Fatty Acids

In contrast to other fats, these special fatty acids are not stored by the body. The fatty acids we use are extracted from coconuts. They are chiefly used to protect and make available the fat-soluble vitamins in our products.

Silicic Acid (Silicium Dioxide)

Silicic acid is the most commonly occurring mineral in nature and is also a constituent of plant cell walls. Adding natural silicic acid prevents the ingredients from clumping together, thus increasing the bioavailability of the micronutrients.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium compounds of fatty acids (here from stearic acid) also occur as intermediate products in the human body. In the processing of foodstuffs and dietary supplements they are chiefly used to prevent ingredients sticking together, thus improving their availability.
Wherever possible we try only to use plant-based raw materials in obtaining the ingredients for our cellular nutrient formulas. However, in the case of chondroitin sulphate and chitosan there are no plant-based alternatives, so these two substances are obtained from animal raw materials. Please also note that vitamin D3 is obtained from lanolin (wool fat). Vitamin D3 is the animal form of vitamin D. Vitamin D2, which we absorb from vegetable nutrients, first has to be converted by the body into vitamin D3 before it can fulfill its functions.
Analysis equipment and production machinery meeting the latest technological standards ensure that every individual stage in the manufacturing process is subject to thorough supervision and control. Exact compliance with the specifications for our cellular nutrient formulas is also guaranteed. The production company manufactures according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and is an active member of the National Nutritional Food Association (NNFA) in the United States.

The production process for the Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Program follows a precisely defined sequence: it begins with the weighing of raw materials and ends with the shipment of the end product. Samples of the raw materials, intermediate products and end products are taken from each batch. These samples have to be archived for a minimum of five years in order to guarantee continual, long-term quality control. Gas chromatography analysis conducted by a respected laboratory guarantees the quality of the cellular nutrient products.

Gas chromatography permits precise checks of the presence, purity and quality of all ingredients. Due to its sensitivity, the gas chromatography technique can be used to analyze very small quantities and deliver reproducible results. This technique allows the presence, purity and quality of all ingredients to be verified, while also ensuring that no foreign bodies such as contaminant particles, pathogens or lower-quality materials infiltrate the formulas. A gas chromatography test is carried out on every production batch, during which the precise concentrations of all components in the Dr. Rath cellular nutrient products are measured and recorded.

After each production line is completed, a further sample is taken. This sample is sent to an analysis laboratory for routine testing. On the basis of the results of the chemical testing, an analysis certificate with the process date is prepared and signed by the Director of Quality Assurance.
The usefulness and effectiveness of cellular nutrients are many times greater when they are harmonized with each other. When thus combined, cellular nutrients work together as a team in our bodies and are considerably more effective than individual micronutrients. Utilizing this principle is of fundamental importance to us in the development of our cellular nutrient synergy formulas, as a means of achieving the greatest possible benefit.

The Basic vitamin Formula in the Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrients Program is Vitacor Plus™. Vitacor Plus™ has been developed for the young and the old, to supplement the daily diet. In addition, Dr. Rath´s Phytobiologicals™, a selection of biologically active plant substances, is another important pillar in the basic micronutrient supply for our bodies. The cellular nutrients in Vitacor Plus™ are combined in accordance with the nutrient synergy principle and work in synergy with the biologically active plant components in Dr. Rath´s Phytobiologicals™.

The mutually favorable interactions between the ingredients not only enhance their own metabolic efficacy, they also enable all cellular nutrients contained in our Reconstructive and Special Formulas to be better utilized by the cells.
Take the cellular nutrient formulas throughout the day with meals and sufficient liquid (water, juice, tea). This ensures a constant blood concentration and even absorption of the ingredients as well as improved absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins E, D and beta-carotene. But there is another positive effect: vitamin C, for example, promotes the absorption of iron contained in food. This is why most cell vitality formulas do not contain any additional iron. If you take several formulas a day, you can also take the capsules between meals.
Our body should permanently and regularly be supplied with micronutrients, for instance by using the Basic Combination Vitacor Plus™ and Dr. Rath’s Phytobiologicals™ for the basic supply. All through our lives, billions of cells use cellular energy and we must continually replenish our bodies’ supplies.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women have higher nutrient requirements because the child is at a particularly vital developmental stage and is depleting nutrients from the mother’s body. Accordingly, it is highly advisable to take supplements, especially of folic acid, vitamin B1, B2 and B6 and vitamin C. While the child is in the womb, the development of bone depletes calcium, magnesium, and other important minerals and trace elements from the mother's body.

Many women suffer nausea and vomiting at the beginning of pregnancy. This often limits their nutritional intake, thus further aggravating an already inadequate supply of nutrients. Malnutrition can be averted by supplementing your diet with an optimum supply of cellular nutrients. However, make sure you tell your GP what you are doing and follow his/her advice.
Older people generally have lower metabolic rates and are also less active, leading to lower energy requirements. However, their vitamin requirements are certainly not lower, indeed they are often higher. For instance, due to the aging process older people need significantly larger quantities of certain cellular nutrients. If the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is also impaired, absorption of nutrients in the diet may be poor. It is well known that vitamin C boosts digestive efficiency by improving intestinal movements and the functioning of the intestinal mucous membrane.

The nutrients in B-group vitamins, as well as certain minerals and amino acids which combine synergistically, are also good for the metabolism and are necessary for healthy bodily functioning.
Some people find it difficult to swallow the cellular nutrient formulas in capsules. There are two easy solutions: Pull the two halves of the capsules apart and stir the powder into a liquid to drink or into yogurt. Some customers who initially had difficulty swallowing the capsules also took them with meals.
It is particularly important when taking pharmaceutical drugs to ensure that you also take extra vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. After intake, prescription drugs pass through the same metabolic pathways as nutrients. At any point in the metabolic process they may interact with nutrients.

Areas which can be affected by medication include the digestion, resorption, distribution and efficacy of nutrients, the conversion and elimination of nutrients, and hunger and saturation regulation.

One example of this interaction is that hormone-based contraceptives (the pill) reduce the availability of folic acid by inhibiting the breakdown of the folic acid contained in food. Please consult your GP or your chemist about potential interactions and always read the patient information leaflet.
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Take a look at your fruit bowl. You'll probably notice that no two apples are identical, even though their nutrients and micronutrients are the same. The same goes for our capsules. We use natural ingredients and avoid unnecessary additives.

Hence, it's possible for micronutrient mixes from different batches to show slight variations in color. However, these differences—whether in color or consistency—are completely natural, entirely safe for consumption, and do not compromise efficacy. Of course, both the raw materials and the final mixed product are subjected to rigorous testing.

Any discolouration that may occur over time is entirely natural and is typically caused by exposure to air. To maintain product quality, please ensure that jars are only opened briefly to remove capsules and then resealed immediately.