IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Product recall Dr. Rath’s PhytobiologicalsTM

Dear sir/madam

An inspection by a laboratory commissioned by us revealed that residues of the substance ethylene oxide were detected in the below mentioned batches of our Dr. Rath’s PhytobiologicalsTM formula, thereby exceeding the legally specified upper limit. The following batch (LOT) numbers are affected:

LOT 2400D              LOT 2401D              LOT 2890D              LOT 3087D
EXP 12/2022           EXP 12/2022           EXP 08/2023           EXP 10/2023

The batch number and expiration date (EXP) are printed prominently on the bottom of each of the containers.

For reasons of preventive consumer protection and the possibility of health risks, we are obligated to inform you that all packages with the mentioned LOT numbers that are still in your possession – including those that have already been opened – must be collected by us and exchanged for new ones. 

You will, of course, not be charged any additional costs. If possible, please also check any product container that you may have given to others.

As you know, the Dr. Rath Health Programs formulas are the result of many years of product development at our research institute in California. Other important aspects regarding the effectiveness of our formulas are the selection of first-class ingredients and the complete absence of preservatives, synthetic flavors and colors, genetically modified starting materials, and residues of any kind.

The current problem lay outside our control. According to the manufacturing company commissioned by us, it occurred in the procurement of one of the ingredients we use. We sincerely regret this and will take all precautions to prevent similar problems in the future.

Please note: This information concerns only the mentioned batch numbers of the product Rath’s PhytobiologicalsTM. No other batches of this product are affected, nor are any of our other products. 

If you are affected by this product recall, please contact us by email at, or call us at our toll-free phone number 0808-10 11 555.

With our very best wishes
Your team at Dr. Rath Health Programs