Did you see that?!

Remember the semi-final of the 1968 European Championship? Italy won the coin toss and went on to win the tournament. The ball was a tiny dot and the picture was still black and white. But apart from the coin toss itself, you could still see everything. Or think back to 2004, exactly 20 years ago, when Portugal's hopes were dashed by the Greek defence and Charisteas' goal. We were there for those moments. Fast forward to today: screens are bigger and boast 4K resolution. Yet, ironically, visual clarity seems to be more of a challenge than it was in the era of the venerable CRT.

The concern is valid; now more than ever we need to prioritise eye health. Screens pervade our environment, from televisions to mobile phones to the digital interactive billboards at bus stops, constantly flickering and flashing. These stimuli put a lot of strain on our eyes. This is because our eye muscles are in almost constant motion, working tirelessly to navigate and maintain visual clarity. Throughout the day, our eyes make up to 100,000 movements, which are crucial not only for reading screens, but also for perceiving our surroundings and adapting to new situations.

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Lensivit™ blends vitamins, amino acids, carotenoids and other phytonutrients in a unique formula directly from the Dr. Rath Research Institute. Composition is key, as Lensivit™ contains a comprehensive range of cellular nutrients that synergistically enhance each other's effectiveness. Scientifically developed and patented by the US Patent Office and other countries, this micronutrient formula has been proven effective through extensive testing and practical use.

Lensivit™ provides optimal support for your eye muscles. Our recommendation: Begin proactive eye care now. Just like football, preparation is key. Don't miss the upcoming European Championships starting in June – make sure you can witness every unforgettable moment with your own eyes.

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