Come On, Boys!

The European Football Championship is on! It's a time that can be quite stressful for any football fan. Whether it's preparing for a barbecue, going to a public screening, or cheering on the team in the stadium, the twelfth man will face a true test of endurance during this summer's football fairytale. Fans of all genders can unite in a monumental effort to help their team achieve victory!

It's definitely a good idea for fans to be well-prepared and have a strong constitution. On top of the physical exertion, the unpredictable nature of the matches, including the tension of potential penalty shoot-outs, can be pretty stressful. If you don't prepare properly, you might feel exhausted and even faint.

A wide range of cellular nutrients helps the body tackle various challenges. A slightly charred sausage from the barbecue or one beer too many can release numerous free radicals, but vitamin C comes to the rescue. It not only supports the immune system in distinguishing the good from the bad in the bustling fan crowd but also aids the liver in detoxification. Vitamins D and E also contribute significantly. When you're constantly on your feet, whether cheering for a goal or anxiously watching a near miss, it's important to make sure you're getting enough minerals like calcium and magnesium. Amino acids such as arginine, cysteine, lysine, proline, and carnitine keep the blood flowing to all vital organs, and together with coenzyme Q10, they help the cells produce the energy needed for those La-Ola waves.
Vitacor Plus™
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Vitacor PlusTM is the perfect blend of cellular nutrients to help you tackle the highs and lows of 90 minutes on the pitch and in the stands. To give your all in the stadium or in the fan zone, preparation is key. Dr. Rath VitaC Go! is great for giving your body a quick vitamin C boost when you need it most. It gives you a fresh burst of vitamins that instantly revives and energises you!

From today, our most dedicated fans, who are there for their team until the end, will get a free pack of Dr. Rath VitaC Go! with every order of Vitacor Plus™. It's the perfect combination of support. #SummerFairytale2024