Energy and performance

The most important biochemical processes in our body ensure that our cells are supplied with an optimal amount of energy. Nothing works without energy. In the energy plants of our cells, proteins, carbohydrates and fats are converted into vital bioenergy. However, cellular nutrients functioning as “initiators” or accelerators are indispensable to produce energy. Vitamins and other cellular nutrients are responsible for accelerating tens of thousands of biochemical reactions in the metabolism of every cell or to make them possible in the first place.

Do you need more energy? Discover our Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Formulas that support your energy metabolism with important cellular nutrients.

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Item No. 025
With the body‘s own energy source coenzyme Q10
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Dr. Rath Magnesium Complex
Item No. 034
For an additional supply of organically bound magnesium
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Dr. Rath Vitamin B12 (Tablet/Pocket)
Item No. 040
The nerv and energy vitamin
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