Connective tissue

Connective tissue is frequently underestimated because it is much more than just a “connecting structure”. It is a supporting structure for the skeleton and inner organs, ensuring that all body structures remain in place and that the body does not lose its shape. At the same time, connective tissue is a protective system that functions as a kind of buffer between the organs. It connects our body structures and allows them to communicate. Furthermore, it supplies our cells with nutrients and removes cell waste. These are essential functions that make connective tissue a vital, highly complex system.

The Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Program includes high-quality products to support your connective tissue.

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LyCin™ with Stevia
Item No. 030
Protection of tissue and cells
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Dr. Rath VCP™
Item No. 038
Vitamin C in its fat-soluble form as ascorbyl palmitate
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