Protection cellulaire contre des taux élevés de sucre( stress du glucose)

Glucose (sugar) is a vital energy source for certain body cells. However, an excess of sugar in the diet can have adverse consequences, burdening and damaging body cells.

A permanent surplus of sugar in the blood "sticks" the cell surfaces and restricts these in part considerably in their function. In addition, it can block the absorption of vitamin C into the cells.

If cells are exposed to very high glucose levels over a longer period of time, they die.
In this experiment the Dr. Rath Research Institute investigates whether micronutrients have a protective effect on human body cells (smooth muscle cells), which were exposed to elevated glucose levels. The survival rate of the cells was compared to the control group without the addition of micronutrients. In terms of cell protecting effects against damage from excess of sugar, the survival rate of the cells compared to the control group (without the addition of micronutrients) at the most effective synergies was 60%, 80% and even 100%.

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