Say No to Stress

Stress––a term often synonymous with frantic days and restless nights––resonates with almost everyone. If we were to conduct a survey, we'd probably find that more than 90 per cent of people would admit to feeling stressed. But stress isn't just a human problem. Plants and animals have also developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with stressors.

Plants are way ahead of us. In 1948, microbiologist Jack Masquelier discovered that plants produce anti-stress agents such as OPCs and related compounds to protect their cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress. As biologically active compounds, OPCs have a protective and rejuvenating effect on cells, while effectively combating free radicals. This association has been extensively researched and validated.

The animal kingdom also offers a solution to stress management. Virtually all animals have the ability to synthesise their own vitamin C, a 'super antioxidant' known for its powerful defence against oxidative stress within cells. This landmark discovery has since been the subject of thousands of scientific publications.

Unfortunately, we humans do not have the innate ability to produce OPC or vitamin C internally. We have to get our 'stress killers' from our diet, much like guinea pigs and chimpanzees, who are exceptions to the animal kingdom in this regard. However, unlike them, we don't need to consume kilograms of raw green foods every day; instead, we can easily meet our individual needs through the convenience of highly concentrated modern supplements.
Dr. Rath OPC™
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Dr. Rath OPCTM and VitaCforteTM provide an optimal supply of OPCs and vitamin C. Harnessing the power of nature, they provide peace of mind during stressful times and naturally combat oxidative stress in our cells.

Stress? No, thank you! Deep relaxation? Yes, please!

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