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The extraordinary form of vitamin C!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dr. Rath VCP™

Did you know that vitamin C in the form of Vitamin-C-Palmitate (ascorbyl palmitate) can reach parts of your body that are normally inaccessible to the water-soluble form of vitamin C?

  • The fatty layers of our body cells represent a barrier to water-soluble vitamin C. Only fat-soluble substances are able to access these layers.
  • In the form of Vitamin-C-Palmitate, the ordinarily water-soluble vitamin C is provided in a fat-soluble form that enables it to access these fatty areas of the cells.

Support your body with vitamin C from Dr. Rath VCP™, the key molecule for your entire cellular metabolism.

Or combine Dr. Rath VCP™ with our additional vitamin C Special Formula VitaCforte™ and adjust your vitamin C supply more effectively than ever!