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Item no. 008

Reconstructive Formula with selected micronutrients for cellular bioenergy production

Enercor™ contains selected micronutrients in a synergistic combination. This Reconstructive Formula can be combined with our range of Basic Formulas. It provides specific micronutrients and important bio-factors for cellular bioenergy production.

The ingredients in Enercor™ support cellular metabolism in various aspects:

  • Vitamin C, biotin and B-vitamins work in biological synergy to support normal energy metabolism;
  • Vitamin C and B-vitamins can contribute to reducing tiredness and exhaustion;
  • Carnitine assures optimum bioenergy production and facilitates intracellular transport of fatty acids;
  • Coenzyme Q10 supports bioenergy production in the mitochondria – the cellular power plants;
  • Taurine is found in the heart muscle and plays an important role in the heart rhythm;
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E contribute to protecting cells against oxidative damage.

Optimal function of our body depends on the supply of bioenergy to billions of cells. The cells building our heart, brain, liver and skeletal muscles have particularly high demands for bioenergy, which is needed to support the strength and regularity of the heart contractions in order to assure optimum blood supply to all organs in our body.

Physical activity and sports require a high level of bioenergy production to ensure the strength and endurance of the skeletal muscles.

Vitamins, trace elements and other micronutrients are required for converting glucose and other food components into bioenergy and for providing this energy to the metabolism.

B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium act as catalysts in the energy cycle of a cell. Other natural compounds, such as carnitine transport fatty acids into the body’s power plants, the mitochondria, so they can be used in bioenergy production.

EnercorTM provides optimum amounts of essential micronutrients to support the function of heart muscle cells as well as the cells building the skeletal muscles and other organs.

Recommended allowance:
Adults: 1 tablet 2 times a day. Take at mealtimes with plenty of liquid (water, juice, tea).

60 tablets per jar

€ 39,90 € 29,90