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Prepared for everyday life with LyCin™

Thursday, January 11, 2018

As soon as New Year arrives, everyday life has caught up with us again. We often forget what our body does in everyday life.

The daily activity of our immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems, the digestive tract, the energy metabolism and the musculoskeletal system relies on the regular supply of cellular nutrients to be able to function optimally.

LyCin provides essential micronutrients that our body needs in everyday life:

  • Lysine, an important protein component that is needed everywhere in the body, but cannot be produced by our bodies and therefore needs to be supplied with food
  • Vitamin C, an all-rounder that makes significant contributions everywhere in the body and needs to be supplied through food. Important areas of action include the immune and nervous systems, connective tissue and energy metabolism

Support your body with valuable cellular nutrients, which prepare it for the challenges of everyday life.

See for yourself and contact our service team to find out how LyCin can benefit you.