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Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex™

Item no. 023

The added benefit of an extra supply of trace elements

Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex™ is a Special Formula in the Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Program and can be combined with both our Basic Formulas and Reconstructive Formulas.

Zinc and selenium are essential trace elements involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body. Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex™ contains these valuable micronutrients to support various aspects of cellular metabolism:

  • Zinc and selenium support the normal function of the immune system;
  • Zinc and selenium protect the cells against oxidative stress;
  • Selenium is important for healthy thyroid function.

Zinc and selenium are classified under the category of minerals. Although they are required in smaller (trace) quantities, these minerals are involved in many metabolic processes and are needed to sustain health and life. Insufficient levels of zinc and selenium can lead to a variety of health problems. Just like vitamins and other micronutrients, they must be obtained through a healthy diet and supplementation.

Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex™ is synergistically formulated to work with other Dr. Rath formulas as an additional source of the essential trace elements zinc and selenium.

Recommended allowance:
Adults: 1 tablet 2 times a day. Take with liquid (water, tea), 2 hours after mealtimes.

60 tablets per container.

  € 16,90