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Dr. Rath’s Phytobiologicals™ Balance Control

Item no. 037

Reconstructive Formula with a high dietary fibre content

Dr. Rath’s Phytobiologicals™ Balance Control is a Reconstructive Formula in the Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Programme. It has been developed from our MacroBalance™ formula by our Research Institute, based on the latest findings. It contains a high amount of dietary fibres.

In a broader sense, dietary fibres comprise all indigestible food components of mostly plant origin. They primarily occur in wholegrain corn, pulses, fruit and vegetables.

During their passage through the digestive tract, dietary fibres affect various metabolic processes in our body. In this way, they influence the action of the bowels, the volume and consistency of the stool, as well as the cholesterol metabolism. Due to their nutritional effects dietary fibres are an important part of a nutritious and balanced diet. Important considerations and findings have been incorporated into this new formula, thus making Dr. Rath’s Phytobiologicals™ Balance Control a valuable addition to your daily micronutrient supply.

Increased content of beta-glucans from oats. Beta-glucans are an important source of fibre and contribute to the maintenance of a normal cholesterol level in the blood.

With artichoke extract, which is now included in addition to chitosan, psyllium, pectin and other ingredients.

Fructose-free, thanks to the natural sweetness of Stevia.

How to take it:
Stir one measuring spoonful into about 200 ml of water or fruit juice. Drink it at least 30 minutes before a meal. In addition, drink at least two litres of liquid per day. This is important for improving the intestinal transit.

Vitacor Plus™ and other Reconstructive or Special Formulas should be taken at intervals of about an hour from Dr. Rath´s Phytobiologicals™ Balance Control, because the ingredient chitosan has an ability to bind fats and liposoluble (fat-soluble) vitamins, which can result in them being excreted unused.

One measuring spoon* contains:

  • Vitamin C: 100.0 mg
  • Oat fibre: 3750.0 mg (rich in beta-glucans)
  • Psyllium husks: 1050.0 g
  • Chitosan: 495.0 mg
  • Artichoke extract: 250.0 mg
  • Guar flour: 225.0 mg
  • Citrus pectin: 30.0 mg
  • Apple fibres: 30.0 mg
  • Carob flour: 10.0 mg

Recommended allowance:
Adults: Take 1 measuring spoonful once per day
*1 measuring spoon = c. 7 g

210 g powder per jar

  € 34,90