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The perfect companion for ImmunoCell™

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex supports the effect of ImmunoCell on the immune system – this is well known. But did you know that other functions in the body also benefit from the synergistic effect of these two formulas?

Containing 50 mg of zinc per daily dose, Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex provides a particularly high amount of this essential trace element. Zinc plays an important role in the essential process of cell division, making this Special Formula extraordinarily valuable.

The combination of Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complexwith the Reconstructive Formula ImmunoCell, whose valuable ingredients are also known for their role in cell division, works synergistically to enhance this biological function.

See for yourself and contact our service team to find out how Dr. Rath Zinc-Selenium Complex can benefit you.