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Item no. 007

Reconstructive Formula containing micronutrients for the support of blood sugar metabolism and cell protection

Diacor™ contains selected micronutrients in a synergistic combination. This Reconstructive Formula has been developed to be combined with our range of Basic Formulas to support carbohydrate metabolism.

The ingredients in Diacor™ support various aspects of cellular metabolism:

  • Vitamin C supports cellular transport of glucose molecules and their utilization for bioenergy;
  • The vitamin B complex, vitamin C and magnesium are essential cofactors that help maintain normal cellular metabolism and formation of biological energy;
  • Chromium supports glucose and insulin metabolism;
  • Inositol and choline support healthy cell membrane structures.

Sugar (glucose) is a key molecule for the production of bioenergy and provides support to glycoproteins and other structural molecules.

The uptake and transport of glucose inside the cells require sufficient production of the hormone insulin. Further processing of glucose into energy and the storage of its surplus in the form of glycogen requires various micronutrients, including vitamin C and the B-vitamins.

Too much glucose in the blood restricts vitamin C from entering the cells, thereby causing vitamin C deficiency in the body. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production and for healthy function of the blood vessels. Optimum balance between glucose and vitamin C levels in the blood is important for transporting and utilizing these vital natural components. In addition, trace mineral chromium contributes to maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

The synergy of the essential vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients in Diacor™ supports healthy glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.

Recommended allowance:
Adults: 1 tablet 3 times a day. Take at mealtimes with plenty of liquid (water, juice, tea).

90 tablets per container.

  € 39,90