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Cutting-edge Reconstructive Formula

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Cutting-edge Reconstructive Formula for stable and elastic connective tissue

Did you know that a considerable number of nutrients are needed to form and maintain stable, elastic connective tissue?

Comprising a complex network built of collagen fibres, connective tissue stabilizes the whole body – including our blood vessels.

An optimal supply of micronutrients is the basis for the formation of this essential structure.

In close collaboration with the Dr. Rath Research Institute we developed Arteriforte™, a Reconstructive Formula, which combines selected cellular nutrients that take into account the principle of synergy:

  • With vitamin C for support of collagen formation, for the normal function of blood vessels
  • With copper for maintenance of collagen, connective tissue, and structures built from them
  • With additional ingredients, which contribute to the normal function of connective tissues

See for yourself or contact our service team to inform you of the versatile possibilities of Arteriforte™!