An outstanding company

Our own scientific research

Our company – Dr. Rath Health Programs – is one of the few companies in the sector of nutritional supplements that is supported by its own independent research institute. At the Dr. Rath Research Institute, a worldwide leading center in vitamin research, our researchers develop not only the valuable cellular nutrient programs for you, but they also publish their scientific findings about the importance of nutrients in science and medical journals.


High synergistic product quality

Micronutrients don’t work and function in our body on their own. They work together as a team, supporting and promoting each other mutually in their effects.

This biological law of synergy is also used in our Dr. Rath Cellular Nutrient Program. The goal is to achieve maximum health benefit by taking cellular nutrients.

But this is not all that distinguishes the quality of our products. In contrast to many other companies which use cheap synthetic vitamins, our products contain valuable natural substances. Our products are free from artificial colorings and flavorings, trans-fatty acids, gluten, yeast, heavy metals, pesticide residues and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


High ethical standards of our company

The group of companies founded by Dr. Rath is distinguished from all other pharmaceutical and vitamin companies by being 100% owned by a foundation, thus not being profit oriented. The profits made don’t go into investors’ pockets, but are used for further natural health research and to spread the scientific findings worldwide.

In supporting our work you assist in building up a healthcare system based on effective and cost-effective natural remedies that are free from side effects, thus primarily serving the interests of mankind.