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Essential construction materials for the body

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Essential construction materials for the body tissue

Did you know that our connective tissue is the basic tissue of the body, and that it holds and joins everything together? Furthermore, it protects our organs, provides them with important nutrients, and even removes toxic pollutants.

In addition to Arteriforte™, the Special Formula ProlysinC™ provides important cellular nutrients for the construction of healthy connective tissue:

  • Vitamin C as a key molecule for the formation of collagen
  • L-proline and L-lysine as the main components of collagen fibres

When combined with Arteriforte™, ProlysinC™ specifically promotes the supply of collagen-forming molecules.

In doing so, the principle of synergy is taken into account, and, thus, the effect of the micronutrients contained in the formulas is enhanced.

See for yourself!

If you have any questions about ProlysinC™, please contact our service team!